Full Stack Developer

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Main knowledge
  • php/laravel/oop
  • ios / objective-c,swift
  • android / java
  • asp.net / c#


I developed projects in
  • ios apps with obj-c & swfit, sqlite, opengl es 2.0
  • android apps with java, sqlite, opengl es 2.0
  • web applications with .net, c#, php, node.js, mysql mssql, angular, swagger
  • windows form apps with c# and visual basic, mssql
  • plugins for sketchup with ruby
  • 3d agumented mobile applications with unity/c#/javascript


Also experienced with
  • ruby/ruby in rails
  • python/node.js
  • jquery/javascript
  • mssql/mysql/sqllite
  • devexpress/bootstrap
  • opencv 2/vuforia(qcar)/tesseract/wikitude
  • blender/sketchup/maya
  • unity/unreal/three.js
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About me

I comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies, mobile development technologies iOS&Android. To be more specific, it means that I can work with databases, iOS, Android, ASP.net.,Java, PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and everything in between, also, venturing as far as 3d mobile game development and 3d model designing.

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